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Mr. Likely

How likely today will Mr. Likely call?

It's very very likely

See Mr. Likely calls me all day long

But he's not very likeable

Will he call me at work and then at home?

Oh yes it's highly likely of Mr. Likely

Sometimes I like to answer

But I don't like when Likely doesn't answer

See Mr. Likely will do what I don't like

He likes to wait three seconds to talk

I say "Hello Hello Mr. Likely???"

It's like Likely's not there

Likewise, I tell Likely to take me off his list

Mr. Likely hangs up like before I can even say "list"

I'm sure Likely was made fun of in high school He didn't like his first name being "Scam"

Maybe Likely was called "Scam I Am"

Or "Scamuel Adam's" or "Uncle Scam"

But when Mr. Likely offers me that predatory loan

I will likely decline in a likeable way

How likely will I recommend Mr. Likely?

Honestly, it's very unlikely

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1 Comment

Jan 01, 2022

I love it! Luckily, my husband is the one that gets most of the calls from Mr. Likely! 🤣

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