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My Dog at 3am

There once was a dog

Her name was Phoebe 

But with sleeping at night 

It was not that easy

She wakes up at one 

She wakes up at three 

Then I get out of bed

Because she has to pee

So I send her outside

At 3am still 

Then I go lay back down 

But then she knocks over my grill

I think she woke my neighbors 

I might have made them mad

So I'm sorry to my neighbors 

I'm just a new doggie dad

I sat her down one night 

I said Phoebe why won't you sleep

She just cocked her head

But she didn't make a peep

I said Phoebe listen to me

You are supposed to bring me joy

But she just smiled at me 

Then she grabbed her squeaker toy

With a dog's weird habits 

I guess I need to study

I need help training her 

On how not to get muddy 

Look I'm keeping the dog

Because this dog was not cheap

But maybe one of these nights

She will finally let me sleep

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