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Nancy, Stop your Honkin

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Instead of apologizing you keep talking Nancy, its time to stop your honkin Honking honking is your task Honking honking with no mask

You were set up or so you preach Time for us to tear up your speech Your set up excuse is a lost cause Nancy, don't you know the laws?

Will we see you not wear a mask tomorrow? I do have a used blue mask you can borrow I bought these blue masks at CVS I got ripped off, should have paid less

Did you not see the sign that said "Closed"? When you chose to expose your chin and nose You've been exposed, well at least your nose An exposed nose is better than no clothes

So next time if there is an another Salon Gate Just be careful of where the homeless defecate Defecating all over the streets of San Fran But yet their defecation you did not ban

Streets scattered with poop and needles The sanctuary city for illegals I'm not trying to make light of this hairy situation But Nancy stop your honkin to our nation

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