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New Names for NFL Penalties

Neutral zone infraction-will be changed to "gender neutral zone infraction"

Horse collar tackle- can no longer be called this because it may make people interested in taking invermectin

Roughing the passer will be changed because it sounds like bullying. It will be changed to "Hugging the Passer a little too tight"

Intentional Grounding will no longer be a penalty because we can't assume to know someone's intentions.

Chop Block- this will be removed as a penalty because it offends those who watch the show "Chopped"

Illegal formation will be changed to Immigrant Formation. And $450,000 will be given to each illegal family who was offended by this penalty name

Tripping- this could be a racist term and will need to be changed

Illegal Forward Pass-will be changed to "Migrant Forward Pass"

Unsportsmanlike Conduct-will be changed to Unsportspersonlike Conduct

Block in the Back-this will stay the same in honor of all the Facebook fact checkers who are blocking us in the back

Encroachment- this will stay the same in honor of what the government is doing right now

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