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Noah Did Not Have Google

In those days Noah did not have Google 

So with his sermons there was no removal 

Noah did not read a book or some essays 

On how to grow a church in 90 days 

If only he had Google he would have looked 

He would have found that "how to build your church" book 

His messages today would not be trendy 

See Noah's sermons were not seeker friendly 

Yes he could have built the ark in quietness 

Instead he preached the message of righteousness 

If Noah back then had the internet 

Then maybe he would not have made men upset 

Then people would have responded two by two 

But he just did not have Google to review 

Then he could have found a pastor's conference 

And learned how to preach love and tolerance 

Poor Noah seemed like one of the radicals 

Except to his family and the animals 

Only eight of his family there were saved 

As the whole world around him misbehaved 

To man Noah did not seem like a success 

He was probably told he should preach less 

I am sure some said he was not called to preach 

I'm sure people got sick of hearing his speech 

I am sure society thought it was odd 

That righteous Noah chose to walk with God

In those days Noah did more than build an ark

He declared words of warning into the dark

Noah obeyed what the Lord had said

To anothers admiration he was dead 

He lived his life to be pleasing to the one

And from the calling of God he did not run

It is a good thing he did not have Google 

Then with the truth there was no removal 

Those around Noah thought he preached in vain 

Until that fateful day it started to rain 

We need a man like Noah in this hour 

One who preaches with conviction and power 

One who does not live for man's approval 

Who does not get his messages from Google 

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