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Not For Me but for Thee

(In the words of our politicians)

Not for me but for thee Not for thee to be free But for me to decree Controlling you is key Restrictions you can guarantee But not for me but for thee You can argue and disagree While we sip and drink our tea Complain and press your plea From our standard we will flee Who made you referee? Not for me but for thee I'm about me and not about we To break my rules I am free Hypocrisy deep as the sea Yet I ignore you with glee I don't care if you disagree Not for me but for thee I cover my ears to your plea And to the kids who are not free I care about health you see Actually no I care about me I just pretend and let it be Not for me but for thee I'm posturing like a tree Along with many celebrities Hear the saying when you see Politicians of three let them be I refuse to walk the talk you see Not for me but for thee

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