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Now Far Left



Left Hut hut hut hike I I dislike NFL is now the NBA Social injustice they push to say National anthem debate Conservative voices they hate Someone somewhere had a tantrum So now they sing the black national anthem What about an anthem for Latinos? Or mothers expecting little bambinos? I say we sing every national anthem As they hold football for ransom Let's sing an anthem for every gender We'll then show we are sensitive and tender Anthem for the straight and the non-binary Pleasing all the folks in their whinery Then we can go sing for every country Wouldn't that would be fun you see? 100 Anthems let's all cower Games would last over 6 hours Sing for Russia and sing for Samoa While everyone buys more $10 Coronas Anthem for Canada, anthem for Turkey It will take awhile so nibble on some jerky Anthem for Laos, anthem for Namibia Anthem for Mexico and for Lybia People pleasing into deception Patriotism had an interception

Speaking of the Patriots name It will soon be changed to something lame Kissing up to all the groups Jumping through all hoops

Don't be deceived by their muscles Or how loud they crack their knuckles NFL is now hijacked along with ESPN

We now have fragile wimps for men

With the left agenda they continue to gel You can go and thank Sir Roger Goodell

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1 Comment

Dec 31, 2021

Both Don and I stopped watching football, because of this!

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