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O Captain My Captain!

(An ode about ex-Governor Coumo's dog "Captain")

Was Coumo's dog left behind?

That doesn't seem so kind

I heard that doggy likes to bite

With other doggies does he fight?

Well he's the Captain, he's the Skipper

And in the mansion he's a nipper

Using those teeth on more than his lunch

They should have called him "Captain Crunch"

If you were bit by Captain in that mansion A tetanus shot does not need to happen As long as you have the Pfizer vaccine Then that's all you need for a dog that's mean

Nursing homes and now a dog disaster

We kind of expect that from his master

Releasing murderers, what a nut! Then he leaves and forgets his mutt

At this point we are all a little puzzled

Could Coumo have used Captain's muzzle?

Captain abandoned, he had it tough

Forgotten doggy he had it rough rough

Oh Captain my captain I'm so sorry this happened

I'm sure you are a such a good boy

Who only wants to run and play with his toy

But your owner was a very bad man

Petting staffers with his creepy hands

So run Captain from this Democrat

Maybe he will forget you and get a cat

Poor doggy with a bad owner Now that poor doggy is a loner

Drama with the ex-governors bow wow

Look at him, he's the Captain now

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