• Edward Riederich

Of Men as Mice

If you listen you'll hear a squeaky sound 

There appears to be an infestation 

I hear that timid squeaking all around 

As men become like mice

Squeaking everywhere throughout our nation 

Weak and cowardly and fearfully bound 

Easily swayed by manipulation 

Caving in at a price 

In previous years our nation had men 

These resilent men were so much tougher 

Today we need manliness once again 

Instead we hear a squeak

We need strong men who know how to suffer 

We need a few now like we did back then 

Our strength has become weak 

In this changing world men have become soft 

Where the masses live for self and pleasure 

It turns out authentic men have been lost 

Will this take over end? 

The majority will yield to pressure

Now genuine manliness has been scoffed

Grasping counterfeit in place of treasure 

Oh God please give us men!

Mice in the government, mice in the church 

To rise up can we answer the calling 

We must have these men again on the earth 

We've bought into the lies 

We live in a time where men are falling

But for men among mice we need to search

Because what we have now is appalling 

May true men now arise!

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