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On Wings of B.O.

I'm on this plane and someone has horrible B.O.

And the problem is I have almost 3 hours to go

I hope the pilots will hurry and go full power

Because someone here did not take a shower

With where it's coming from I cannot tell

It seems to be this weird sweet and sour smell

It's so bad it's making my eyes blurry

It smells like teriyaki but then it smells like curry

Then it smells like crackers somebody vomited up

I can almost taste it, I have had enough

Maybe it's their pits or maybe it's their breath

But this whole 737 smells like death

I can't believe other passengers aren't having fits

Because this plane reeks like fermented arm pits

I have to push on through this stinky battle

I'm counting down the minutes till we land in Seattle

Hey personal hygiene is it a lot to ask?

I'm ready to pull down my oxygen mask

I wish I could open my window and breath the fresh air

With personal hygiene I guess some people just don't care

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