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Operation Christmas Underground

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The Holidays still could be forbidden So pull the blinds and gifts must be hidden I give you now a Christmas warning Family must arrive at 2 in the morning

Park down the street and wear a disguise Watch out for those Christmas spies Before you carol and before you sing Spies might be watching from your neighbors Ring

If you want to rock around the Christmas tree Know your governor might be watching thee At restaurants your friends you can't meet Leave more room for politicians when they go out to eat

Told to stay at home during this Covid blitz While we watch all these governor and mayor hypocrites Hungry hungry hippo hypocrites At the restaurants see them sit

Doing the very thing they told you not to do Trying to make our Christmas blue You may think this is government overreach Yes sure these leaders are probably out on the beach

Hark the herald angels sing More restrictions Newsom brings Not joyful in all the nation's lies The leaders have sent out their spies

Restrictions continue from the spring and summer Restrictions decreed by Dumb and Dumber We must now go into holiday seclusion Unless of course you are Governor Newsom

This season shadowed by Governor Grinch Is this real? Can you give me a pinch? Yep governor and mayor bufoons Like Clark's boss on National Lampoons

Cover your skylights and turn off your phones They might be tracking you from drones Christmas spies may come around Welcome to Christmas from the underground

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