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Opportunity Knox

Opportunity Knox

In November 1775, Henry Knox left running his bookstore. He and his men transported 59 captured British cannons and mortars 300 miles in 56 days to Boston. They experienced many difficulties through poor roads, semi frozen lakes and icy gales. When they arrived British General Howe said, "These fellows have done more in one night than I could make my army do in three months."

Henry Knox "Something is wrong and something must be done or we shall be involved in all the horror of failure, and civil war without a prospect of its termination."

Henry Knox owned a bookstore

But he had a higher calling

Cannons he would be hauling

He would soon join the war

Over 300 miles

In only 56 days

There could be no delays

They pushed through the trials

He arrived at Lake Champlain

Temperature below freezing

But yet still preceding

A mission that seemed insane

Crossing the Hudson River

Knox nearly froze

In 3 feet of snow

Pressing on though he shiver

Not one cannon was lost

Secured all 59

These men who had a spine

For freedom counted the cost

Pressing forward with their plow

In Boston they arrived

All the men survived

Found respect from General Howe

He thought out of the box

Overcame the conditions

Amazing expedition

From Opportunity Knox

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