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Pancake Economy

I went out to breakfast

And my order they take I will take eggs and bacon And add one pancake So the food came out It looked good you see I ate my bacon first Because bacon's good for me Then I ate my eggs Not long did it take But I just kept staring At that one pancake Suddenly it hit me And I started to laugh This pancake before me Is our economy graph My wife looks at me and says What are you talking about? I said this is a pancake graph You gotta check this out I grabbed my toast I stacked them on the wall This was our economy before And the pancake shows our fall Stimulus checks are nice Like the pancake tastes great But now there's inflation And we've eaten the bait Customers started staring So I got up on a chair Everyone please listen I have something to share Look at my stacked toast Thats where we were at Now look at my pancake Now we have gone flat Now hold up your pancake I want to show this is awful If you don't have a pancake Just raise up your waffle All over the restaurant I thought it was great People held up pancakes Waffles and even crepes We had a moment of silence As people nodded their heads This pancake economy Many of us fear and dread I sat down in my chair A solid point I did make We have moved from toast To an economic pancake

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1 comentario

31 dic 2021

Great analogy, but now I’m hungry! 😂

Me gusta
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