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Parking at the Airport

Some birds pooped on my car

These birds pooped near and far

Oh they pooped 

And they pooped

And they pooped again

Their shock and awe pooping

It was a bird sin

Yes my car

The game

The target

They would not miss

Parking at the airport 

In Indianapolis 

Thou poopest once 

Thou poopest twice

Thou poopest over 100 times 

Thou was not nice

To these birds

I lost the battle

My car looked like the gum wall in Seattle 

So in honor of these birds 

I took out my gum

I placed it on my hood

You might think that is dumb

I pressed my gum 

Into my hood 

I had a moment 

As there I stood 

I parked under a tree

What should I expect?

I give those bird snipers

My utmost respect 

To these birds 

This was no crime

I went immediately to a car wash

Not once but 4 times 

There was a lesson 

These bad birds taught me

If you want to park at the airport

Maybe don't park under a tree

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