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Part Dr. Seussian

I got my results from

From my dad's side and from my moms

I guess I do not descend from Vietnam

Though I like the heat I am not from Guam

The results did not say I was Peruvian

They did not say I was Guadaloupian

I know I did not come from Manoogian

But they did say I was part Dr. Seussian

I'm not a huge fan of jalapeños

Therefore I know I am not Latino

I'm pretty sure I am not Filipino

But I do like San Pellegrino

I already knew I was not Korean

And I knew I was not Indonesian

I really thought I was European

But I guess I'm from the Seussian region

I  thought, is this some kind of scam?

That's what I got to tell my fam

That's my results for Ed I am

I do not like green eggs and ham

I have a hat but I do not have a cat 

So I do not read "the hat in the cat"

I do not know his other books after that 

At least the ones Dr. Seuss begat 

It is obvious I'm not from Zaire 

And I'm not a descendant of John Deere

But one thing about my DNA I fear 

I am part Seussian and part Shakespeare

I even rhyme when I go on walks

But I have not read the "fox in socks"

Why would there be socks on a fox?

I guess it is to publish what shocks

Rhymes planted in me seem to grow

Like the first Seuss a long time ago

Perhaps, if the writing continues to flow

Oh, the places that I will go

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