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Paul and Silas Didn't Need Fog Machines

Acts 16

One thing I have observed 

When I read Acts 16

As Paul and Silas worshipped

They didn't need fog machines

They didn't need a concert

They didn't need stage lighting 

They didn't need a video screen

It was not that exciting 

They were stripped of their clothes 

They were beaten with rods

And with stripes on their backs 

They still worshipped God 

They sang hymns at midnight 

Prisoners listened to each song

Despite their pain and their plight 

In weakness God was made strong 

Their ministry took a detour

It appeared to be a failure 

But when the earthquake shook

Salvation came to the jailer

They were more than conquerors 

As the Bible explains 

Through worshipping at midnight 

It broke off their chains 

They sang in adversity 

God intervened on the scene

And with the hymns they sang 

They didn't need fog machines 

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