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Peace That Surpasses Understanding

Phillipians 4:6-7

In our lives struggles may not decrease 

And answers to prayer can be delayed 

But don't let the devil take your peace 

The enemy wants to make a trade 

To trade our peace for a heart of fear 

And get you to doubt what you've obeyed 

In clouds your vision may not be clear 

But trust there is joy still before you 

Believing the hand of God is near 

The Holy Spirit will lead you through 

Even though you fly through turbulence 

The new chapter you will come into 

God will at last come to your defense 

Though from hardship there is no release 

Jesus will not leave you in suspense 

In life, adversity may not cease 

We may not observe the whole picture 

But we can walk in heavenly peace 

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