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Peepee, Ohio

Who named the town of Peepee

Does anyone really know?

I guess at the board meeting

Someone just had to go

Is the town of Peepee

Located in the woods?

Or does it have factories 

That manufacture goods?

I guess this township

Was named after Peepee Creek

What someone did in those waters

We will not speak

Legend says an early settler 

Carved P.P. on a tree

Then some dumb dumb thought

Let's name the town Peepee

Yes this town of Peepee

Was named for P.P. on a tree

I wonder where that tree is 

Can you hike there and see?

I feel bad for Peepee

I feel bad for the residents

And for all their children

And the Peepee descendants 

If you want a weird address

And there forever to be stuck

If you choose to go to Pee Pee

I guess urine luck

Now if you live in Peepee

And the name makes you blue

Hey its a little better 

Than naming it PooPoo

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