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Perseverance of a Pigeon

The pigeon "Cher Ami" was a hero of World War 1. An American troop was surrounded by German soldiers. American planes began to drop bombs but didn't realize Americans were in that part of the forest. Many of the 550 men died.

They had to get a message to Army headquarters quickly. They had seven pigeons to use to send a message. Five were shot down and one flapped away in fear. Cher Ami was the last pigeon left and the Americans last hope.

On the hidden forest floor of France

The American army took a chance

The American troops crucial decision

It hinged on one homing pigeon

Five birds died and one flapped away

Cher Ami, the last hope of the day

The cage opened and she took flight

She soared as she gained height

Suddenly she got shot in the eye

She fell to the ground but did not die

She flew again and refused to rest

Another bullet hit her in the chest

She fell again but did not remain lying

She gathered courage and continued flying

Her leg was hit and she fell to the ground

But still strength this pigeon found

She did not waver under enemy attack

Twenty minutes later she made it back

She persevered and flew 25 miles

She saved this troop from their trials

We can learn here if we only bend our ear

May we be like Cher Ami and persevere

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