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Photo Op in the Ukraine

Over to the Ukraine Jill Biden flew

I didn't see Joe there but I saw U2

I guess Bono wanted to visit the war

I don't think he found what he was looking for

Maybe he had a good motive and a good aim

Visiting where the streets have no name

Then Angelina Jolie landed and got a photo op I'm not sure if she flew first class nonstop

Then Pelosi showed up and said surprise! I read about this and just rolled my eyes

Oh and Mitch McConnell couldn't be left behind

He had to show us all that he was kind

I know they just blindly follow every order But can someone please take care of our own border?

With all these photos I have to wonder Where in the Ukraine is good ole Hunter?

It seems so brave, it seems so cute But let's be done with this photo shoot

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