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Who exactly made the call

To name this game pickleball?

There is a "pickle" in pickleball

But yet no pickle used at all

I can see how they named basketball

But I can't get the pickle in pickleball

If they were in a pickle and used a pickle

Maybe that's how the name became official

I do not think that pickle would bounce

Even if that pickle only weighed an ounce

Pickleball with a wiffle ball 

Who would have thought?

These pickleball rules I need to be taught

The pickleball rule list seems to be long 

I prefer the rules of good ole ping pong

I have lost more than a few ping pong battles

But I always blame my losses on my paddle

Pickleball is what you do when you get older

And you can play indoors when it gets colder 

I'm getting older so I'm starting to play 

But I'm too competitive in my own way

When I lose a point I want to throw my paddle

When I miss on a serve I start to unravel

Especially when an 80 year old scores on me

But I'll keep it together and not talk smack you see

I am now a pickleabller I am admitting 

This new sport of mine is too addicting

I want to play pickleball night and day

I even eat dill pickles more I must say

I could buy an expensive paddle but whats the use?

Then when I lose I can't use the bad paddle excuse

To master this game there is intrigue

Maybe it's time for me to join a league 

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