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Pizza or Crossfit?

Pizza or Crossfit?

One I have to miss 

One of them is torture

And the other one is bliss

One gives me muscles

One makes me fat 

One makes me lethargic 

After I eat all that 

Am I really dedicated 

Or am I a phony 

I just have a weakness

For cheese and pepperoni 

I should be eating veggies 

Like carrots and zucchini

But I can still get veggies

Ordering from Puccinni's

If I had my own way

If I had one wish 

I would skip that cardio

And eat deep dish 

I have heard it said 

No pain no gain

But I also heard it said

Pizza is good for your brain

When I go to Crossfit

I always wonder why

I have one strategy

I'm trying not to die

They torture me on the bike

They abuse me on the rower

They tell me to go faster 

When I want to go slower

I think of eating pizza

Delicious and cheesy

Compared to Crossfit

It is just so easy

I have to think twice

Before that slice I will grab

Is it really worth it 

Having six pack abs

I tried eating pizza once 

Before my workout routine

I almost puked it up

Attempting muscle cleans

Having a good balance 

That is a good way

But if I ever indulge in pizza

It will be on a rest day

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