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Please Mister Postman

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

(Sung to the tune of "Please Mister Postman" by the Marvelettes)

Wait, oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman I keep wai-ai-ai-ting Mister Postman

Mister Postman look and see Is there a package in your truck for me? (Please, please, Mister Postman) I've been waiting such a long time (Oh yeah) For 2 day delivery I paid more than a dime

There must be some word today My package is lost in transit so far away Please Mister Postman look for me My tracking number was forgotten you see I've been standing here waiting Mister Postman So patiently I paid extra money for priority mail But it's been 2 weeks and you move like a snail

Mister Postman look and see (Oh yeah) why is my package still stuck in Indy? (Please please Mister Postman) on my package can you find any notes? Was it thrown in a dumpster with all those Trump votes?

So many days you just passed me by Delivered my mail to my neighbor close by You didn't stop to make me feel better I just keep waiting here in my Christmas sweater

Mister Postman (Mister Postman) look and see Is there a package in your truck for me? Where my package is at I can only guess Next time Mister Postman I will use UPS

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