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Poets of the Modern Day

Who are the poets of the modern day?

Eloquent words but nothing to say

On the balance little to weigh

Who are the songwriters of the modern day? A catchy tune but nothing to say Will be forgotten soon though now they play

Corruption into words they weave

Deceiving the minds of the naive

Shallow messages they want you to believe

Modern poetry I am not adoring

Words with wings but are not soaring

Truthfully, most of it is boring

Another poem that doesn't rhyme

Another waste of my time

Poetic stanzas not worth a dime

Sure these can be read from universities

About social injustice and diversity

I'd rather hear about triumph through adversity

Fancy words that don't stick

Like sweet smelling candles so thick

But with no fire on their wick

I listen closely in the walls of the poetic

To hear some truth or the prophetic

Yet all my ears hear is the voice of the pathetic

Is there a poet? Is there a voice?

To hear the truth I would rejoice

But each modern poet must make their choice

Many choose to please others out of fear

So truth hides and lies come near

To say what itching ears want to hear

Give us a poet and a songwriter

For the truth give us a fighter

Give us candle but give us a lighter

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