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Poverty, Kentucky

Some grew up in poverty 

Because they weren't so lucky 

And some grew up in Poverty

Because they live in Kentucky 

You can be rich in Poverty

I'm not just a dreamer 

I know in Poverty somewhere 

Someone drives a Beemer 

In this town of Poverty

Are there any homeless camps?

And does everyone in this town

Get blessed with food stamps?

Some guy named this town Poverty

Because he didn't like his snobby neighbors

And maybe once the snobs moved out

He forgot to change the name later 

Well the poor Poverty name stuck

And if you live in a trailer in this town

You kind of live in double Poverty

It truly has to make you down 

Well if I ever move to Poverty 

I would buy a super nice rig

Then I could show all my friends 

How in Poverty I made it big 

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