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Prayer That Changed the Wind

(A testimony of missionary Hudson Taylor in 1854)

In the year 1854

A ship blown towards the shore

The captain stood in disbelief

As they sailed towards the sunken reefs

We've done everything that can be done

Hope of survival there was none

The winds provided no assistance

Cannibals were seen in the distance

Disaster the men could foresee

Cannibals started fires with glee

But a man named Hudson on the vessel

Said let me go pray, I will go wrestle

He grabbed three others to agree

They called to God on bended knee

And as they prayed on bended knees

They called to God to send a breeze

As they played there was a change

Something peculiar, something strange

Through prayer God changed the wind

Though against the wall they were pinned

To the sunken rocks they did not reach

To the dismay of those on the beach

They did not become another man's meal

Instead by faith they knew God was real

America sails towards the rocks

We can argue and we can have talks

But there's one answer to change the breeze

Willing vessels who stay on their knees

Towards the reefs we pick up speed

But there's still time to pray and intercede

In fervent prayer we must chose to stand

Or we will find ourselves on sinking sand

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