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Pregnant Man Emoji

Scrolling emojis as fast as I can

I heard soon there will be a pregnant man

Man oh man I'm not a fan

Not a fan of the pregnant man

No no no I don't think it was clear

Maybe that emoji drinks too much beer

Did I really see that on my phone here?

Yes for pregnant man emojis some cheer

So I thought, wow, what is coming next?

When would I use this emoji in a text?

Oh I know when using it would be best

Maybe when I ate too much Tex Mex

Here we are in the battle of the bulge

It seems this reasoning has some holes

From the natural way Apple pulls

The obscurd created from these lost souls

I will give you my opinion for what it's worth

In my beliefs I stay grounded upon the earth

Now maybe I have not done enough research

But I do not believe a man can give birth

If I see a man with a belly swelling

And if I hear he is pregnant on Ellen

I will just say the story is not gellin

And under his shirt is a watermelon

You can be mad at me and shout

You can say I'm extreme and full of doubt

But I have to question this and think about

But I don't want to think how that baby comes out

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