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Press Secretariat

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

(Press Secretary Jen Psaki)

Here comes Press Secretariat in the lead Circling back as a noble steed Circling back and circling the track And the media circling without an attack

Circling back is what she says Circling back for the prez Answering questions she does avoid A few of us are getting annoyed

Running on her hamster wheel But in unity there is no deal So we circle back and listen again But our patience is running thin

Now the media is considerate and nice They changed from lions into mice Press Secretariat makes the turn No one talks to her very stern

And on the track she is all alone No challengers with a mean tone Press Secretariat gallops and wins it all Other challengers are kept in their stalls

Her team raises the trophy as number one A trophy for a race challenged by none Shielded by the democrat chariot Stands the phony steed Press Secretariat

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