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Pride Goes Before a Fall

A Norwegian feminist, Christina Ellingsen found herself under police scrutiny in Norway over her implied assertions that biological men can't be lesbians. In a tweet she told a male, "You are a man. You cannot be a mother." The transgender male filed a police report against her once after she said he cannot be a mother. As of January 2021, Norway introduced "gender identity" into the bounds of its current hate crime laws.

A woman from Norway

She wasn't trying to be snotty

She stated if there is a man

He cannot have a woman's body

She stated that lesbians

Cannot claim to be men

How crazy have things become

We hear it again and again

Now she's under investigation

For a labeled "hate crime"

Perversion has been accepted

In this dark and evil time

She's accused of rebellion

She's charged with mutiny

She's been interrogated

And under police scrutiny

She's treated like a criminal

I laugh and say oh brother

All because this woman said

A man cannot be a mother

Norway is pretty messed up

In the land of Northern lights

Across the trans-atlantic

There's gender identity rights

Will it soon be called hate

If you don't fly the gay flag

And will it soon be called hate

If you do not support drag

Some wise words were written

After man and woman's fall

In the ancient book of Proverbs

"Pride goes before a fall"

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