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Psalm 51-The Mistake Psalm

One of David's Psalms he would write 

It came out of his darkest night 

In the trial when his heart ached

He was used by God in his mistakes

It has spoken to many throughout the years

It was written down during David's tears 

He could have given up and turned away from God

Yet he humbled himself under God's mighty rod

He could have listened to condemnation 

Instead he found divine inspiration 

Because of David's choices God sent the wind

David cried, "Against YOU only have I sinned"

These words gave David a fresh start 

"Oh Lord create in me a clean heart

Hide your face from my iniquities 

Do not take your Holy Spirit from me"

A broken and contrite heart in God's eyes 

This is the heart God will not despise 

And in our struggles and in our mess

He still hears us in our brokenness 

I'm glad David did not think he was done

He got the strength to write Psalm 51 

This Psalm has made many people whole

Many broken have found rest for their soul

Though he failed and brought forth strife

God was merciful and still used his life 

So remember Psalm 51 and this big plus

If he did it for David he will do it for us 

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