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Race Card Drivers

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Unity among us continues to wilt Accused of white privilege and white guilt Media and the left press so hard Constantly playing the same old race card

Race card drivers on the attack Race card drivers on the track "You're a racist" what we're told Race card drivers are getting old

Round and round on their tear Round and round going nowhere Mile after mile in the same location Mile after mile complete frustration

Circle and circle around the track Circle again for another attack Approval for these drivers fading fast Time these drivers ran out of gas

False accusations completely marred Sick and tired of hearing the race card Drivers keep on driving and driving Yet in their striving never arriving

Driven into discord and division Passionate voices with no vision Silence is violence or so they say And now many turn off the NBA

But the commissioner says hey hey! We will be silent next year so we can get paid Sorry NBA we will stay out of your hair The silent majority now does not care

Why are you so quick to call us racists? When we don't stand for criminals or even rapists Race card drivers spinning your wheels Lacking knowledge in your zeal

Full of arrogance and stupid pride In pointing the finger you only divide

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