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Raising Cain

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

There once was a man named Cain And to the earth he came To do what was right he was able But he sat alone at his table Half hearted sacrifice a stain

To do right he did not yield But killed Abel in the field Rejecting the word of correction A vagabond with no direction His fate became sealed

Now look at our youth today A generation that has lost its way Who are the ones now raising Cain? At whose feet do we lay the blame? No black and white, only gray

Is it professors? Is it teachers? Is it parents? Is it preachers? Parents who don't show the way Preachers with soft sermons today No responsibility they feature

Always passing, never failing Through life only smooth sailing Never learning from defeat So bad habits they do repeat In living right not prevailing

Through our land you will see Cains Calling out for violence and pain We have kicked out God everywhere In our schools kicked out prayer Now there is hate in their veins

Are we able to see the insane? Can we feel God's heart and pain? And at our homes and at our tables Are we able to raise up an Abel? While others keep on raising Cain?

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