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Random Lake, Wisconsin

If I'm ever feeling random

I'll travel to Random Lake

That sure is a random name

Did they make a random mistake?

Deep inside Random Lake

Is there a random Walleye?

If I picked a random month to go

I would randomly pick July

If I visit Random Lake

I'd say hi to random folk

But is this random name

Some kind of random joke?

I noticed Random Lake

It's in a random spot

Milwaukee's randomly close

But some randomly forgot

If I took a random vacation

I would pick a random day

I would randomly go to Starbucks

Hoping a random guy would pay

And on my random day

I would eat some random toast

Then I would read a random review

On a random Facebook post

I would travel to Random Lake

And randomly sit by the shore

I would write a random poem

About eating a random smore

As I sit by that random fire

I might eat a random Frito

And I might get a random bite

From a big random mosquito

I would give a random smack

And see the random blood

Then I would give a random flick

Over into the random mud

Now I close this random poem

About visiting Random Lake

From all these random thoughts

I have to take a random break

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