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Random Questions From Ed's Head

If a man wears a mask alone in his car but identifies as a "no maskian" does his mask really work?

If a fly lands on a cow pie and then that fly flies and lands on my fries, does that mean I'm eating cow pie? When politicians don't wear masks where masks are required does the Omicron variant know to stay away? If they raise the minimum raise to $25 an hour will the Chipotle employee finally get my burrito right? And how long will it take until my burrito costs $25? If this little piggy went to a market in LA does this little piggy need to get vaccinated? Or because he's a little piggy would he not be required to be vaccinated and therefore would just mask up? If I'm second to nun does that mean I'm Catholic? How many pedophiles work at CNN? When someone says, "I don't mean to toot my own horn" why does it always feel like they want to toot their own horn? If a child is sitting in a booster seat can that count as his first booster? How does the coronavirus know not to infect me when I'm eating and drinking without a mask on a plane? If a politician can't lie straight in bed then how does that politician lie straight to us?

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