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Rules for a Roundabout

Let me put it to you in a roundabout way The rules of the road some don't obey

Here in this circle you will see every bad driver

Speaking out of experience as a survivor

Round and about I've seen too many fools

So let me go over some roundabout rules

#1 Follow the arrows on the ground This makes a big difference I have found

There's a reason they painted those arrows in white

So if the arrow points right hey let's go right

#2 I will say this rule and try to be polite

But how about looking left before going right?

Turning your head is a game changer

Keeping you from hitting that stranger

#3 Bro you gotta stay in your lane

This rule I should not have to explain

#4 Don't drive through one like a torpedo Especially while eating a Chipotle burrito

I tried it once before and it wasn't nice My truck was filled with cilantro rice

And eating a burrito and talking on your phone

Doesn't really work in a roundabout zone

Thanks for listening to what I've said

And for being part of this driver's Ed

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