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There is a disease called Samsonitus

It's a little different than laryngitis 

To have it is not advantageous

It can spread, it can be contagious

Samsons heart and will were divided

He lived a life that was double minded

One foot for God and one foot for sin

He got tripped up again and again

He fell asleep on Delilah's lap

Like an bear walking into a trap

As he comfortably slept he was unaware

As the enemy came and cut off his hair 

Samsons strength did not come from the gym

He compromised and they tormented him

One day he saw the Philistines demise

Later he allowed them to pluck out his eyes

Samsonitus can infect the strong

Turning you from the right and to the wrong

Is it in you or is it in me?

It will rob you of your strength I can guarantee

Samsonitus infects Christians today 

They conquer for God and then turn away

They move in power and then compromise

Then they lose their discerning eyes 

May we not walk into the enemy's trap

May we not fall asleep on Delilah's lap

May Samsonitus not infect our hearts

Recognizing the traps is where it starts 


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