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Saved By the Word

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

On November 13, 1944, a soldier named Doc Long was hit by ammunition from a German bazooka. After falling to the ground another shell hit so close to him that he was lifted off the ground and moved a foot. His right arm was paralyzed.

A pocket Bible was given to him by his aunt when he joined the army at age 19. She said, "I want you to read it daily and carry it with you wherever you go in the pocket over your heart." That's exactly where he had it the day he was hit. The Bible had been pierced by a piece of the bazooka shrapnel and stopped it from entering his chest.

There was a soldier named Doc Long

He was hit by ammunition rounds

A shell lifted him off the ground

It appeared like his life was gone

But God's hand from Doc had not withdrawn

God's divine protection would surround

In a pocket Bible they had found

For this soldier God showed Himself strong

This is where the testimony would start

Shrapnel had pierced the Bible's pages

The Bible had protected his heart

As the battle around us all rages

If you are God's, He will do His part

He still remains the Rock of Ages

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