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Saved From the Auschwitz Train

In Belarus, the Nazis came to take Jewish families to Auschwitz. On the way,, a brave mother threw her 10 year old daughter over the neighbor's fence. A soldier saw it but pretended he did not see. The girl survived a freezing cold night in the neighbor's barn. She went through many hardships but Jesus was with her through it all. Her mother took a step of courage that saved her daughter's life.

There was a brave mother of Belarus Soldiers came in times so tense The grip on her child's hand was loose She threw her girl over the neighbor's fence A Nazi soldier saw it with his own eyes But he ignored the action in her defense To her mother there were no goodbyes But she survived this moment so intense Through the struggles and desperate cries Trials and tests she could not understand What God meant for good was in disguise But He had her in the palm of His hand What she went through I cannot begin to explain But her brave mother saved her from the Auschwitz train

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