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Seasoned Slugs

I left some carrots outside

So this stray rabbit could be fed

But slugs were eating the carrots

When I got out of bed

I said oh no you don't 

Slugs won't win this battle

I remember what my dad taught me

When I was 5 years old in Seattle

He would bring out a salt shaker

And then let me go to town

Those gross slimy slugs 

I laughed at them going down

So I grabbed my salt shaker

And you may not get the reasoning

But I also grabbed paprika 

And some italian seasoning

I added some red pepper flakes 

And then a little turmeric

Then some cheap chili powder

It was just the generic

I was staring at that slug 

I was attempting to kill

But now it looked kind of tasty 

I almost threw it on the grill

I guess you can eat slugs

But they might give you meningitis 

I thought it's not worth the risk

I'm already dealing with gingivitis

It was a harmless slug

I'm sure the seasoning was wasted

But I will always wonder 

How that slug would have tasted

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