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Seattle No Longer Chief

Seattle is a mess

Full of bums and homeless

Defacating on the streets

Vile and shameless

Trash and broken glass

Tents staked in the grass

Rocks, sticks and bricks

Thrown from an overpass Villages that makes you cringe As you walk by each syringe Where Seattle goes from here That decision will hinge Under the guise of compassion A city council of inaction Yet common sense and truth It continues to get no traction Costing the city a fortune Do they want to be like Portland? Safety, security and cleanliness It doesn't seem to be important Can you go the gum wall to see gum? With Pike Place filled with bum after bum? Yet the city sits on their hands Look what Seattle has become Now a haven for illegals No longer protecting the people Felons in homeless camps Right below the Space Needle A once beautiful city Now doesn't look so pretty Destroying itself from within What a shame! What a pity!

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