• Edward Riederich

Secret Service Easter Bunny

A staffer dressed as Easter Bunny stops President Biden from answering reporter's questions.

Who dressed up as the Easter Bunny? It looked a little weird, it looked a little funny In Biden's interview he was laying an egg But who that bunny was I just can't peg

Biden started talking about Afghanistan And that Bunny hopped quickly to take his hand He hipped and he hopped and didn't stop I think that Easter Bunny was into hip hop

There's a chance it might have been Nancy Pelosi Or maybe Kamala or a random girl named Josie Was it George Soros directing him where to go? Or maybe it was Leonardo Decaprio

Maybe it was Hillary, maybe it was Bill But I do not believe that bunny was Dr. Phil Was it Bill Gates or Flip Flop Fauci? I don't know but that bunny looked grouchy

Did ex-Governor Coumo get a new job? If he did I hope he took a nasal swab You may think it was Obama or maybe Sean Penn But I kind of think it was a producer over at CNN

Does Putin have a secret service Easter Bunny? Maybe with sanctions he doesn't have the money Will we have a secret service Santa Claus? To get Biden to quit talking and take a pause

Or for Valentines a secret service Cupid? I'm sorry but we're just not that stupid I don't know who was in that bunny suit But I guess it helps Biden not get into a dispute

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