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Selective Gifts

There is the gift of helps

There is the gift of giving 

There is the gift of administration

They are all still living 

There is the gift of faith 

There is the gift of preaching 

People love these gifts 

Especially pastoral teaching 

With the gift of miracles 

I have heard it said 

When the Bible was finished 

This gift became dead 

With Words of knowledge 

Are these all done? 

Along with the gift of prophecy 

And speaking in other tongues


Interpretation of tongues

That disappeared quick

With the gifts of God 

We cannot cherry pick 

Some gifts in the church

They seem to be disappearing 

It appears with the Word

We have selective hearing 

One argument in churches 

It does not hold any weight

They say they believe in the gifts

But never see them operate


Seminaries now cemeteries 

Look at all the fossils

But where are the prophets?

And where are the apostles?

We need the gifts of God

Again in this crucial hour 

We must embrace all the gifts

And show forth His power

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