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Sensei Censor

Hello, welcome to class I'm Sensei Censor So I lined up and yelled out yes sir I raised my hand and asked what do you censor? All on Facebook that is right you can be sure Sensei, not to be rude, but that doesn't make sense Do you have to be a Sensei that builds a fence?

He said look at me, I am Sensei not a Dojo I have control of the right like a yoyo With that yoyo I can walk the dog And I can cover their posts in a fog See in my class you will learn theft For that is the teaching of the left

I looked at him and tilted my head I'm just some little voice named Ed I don't know those lies you've been fed But check out my page "What Ed Said" I write some poems and some are funny I would write a book but I don't have the money

Hey why aren't you open to some other ideas? Is this martial arts form from North Korea? You are into blocking me I have a hunch But yet I'm still able to land a punch Landing punches on your page Blocking my boosts, thrown in the cage

Listen Sensei Censor I sense no common sense Sensei, in my defense, what is my offense? Sensei, I'm incensed at your lack of Sensei sense I sense freedom of speech only a pretense For the right on Facebook things have gotten tensor We see your bias instruction Mr. Sensei Censor

With your yoyo you can keep walking the dog But see somehow Sensei I still have a blog Blog or not I will continue to write Silenced or not I will continue to fight See Sensei you can go and ban our accounts But please know we will not be down for the count

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