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Sensitivity Training 101

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Welcome to Sensitity Training 101 Class please take your seats this should be fun At work when clocked in you must remember Some very important things about gender

If there is a him you can address him as him Unless the him wants to be a her or if the him is not sure Now if the her is a her but wants to be neutral Just mumble the word "her" I hope this is useful. Now if the him wants to identify as a dog Then notify your supervisor for that will have to be logged Now if the her was a him but went back to a her and you aren't sure. You can flip a coin or you can give a kick to the groin But this sensitivity club you must join

If there is a man who is 50 but identifies as 23 You can meet in the middle at 37 you see Now if he complains and makes it an issue Hand that mansy pansy a box of tissues Please sign off on the mamby pamby creed This next generation is a different breed

Now if there is a woman who identifies as a stalk of corn And she claims to be planted but never born You can send this corny person you don't adorn back to Nebraska in the morn

Now this sensitivity training will help you be awake Keeping you from melting all the snowflakes Now class together let's say the word "woke" WOKE! Great job class you are listening to what I spoke

As a baby needs their bottle All beliefs need be coddled At all costs we must not offend In pandering there is no end

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