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Shoebert the Seal

Earlier this month, a seal became a local celebrity when it took up residence in a pond outside of Boston. The seal eventually turned himself into the police station..

In a small pond landed a poor gray seal

Lookers came to look to see if it was real

I'm not sure if that seal had white stripes

He came via a river and through drainage pipes

They couldn't shoo away good ole Shoebert

The shape of this seal was too big for a shirt

I'm not sure if Shoebert wore shiny shoes

But Shoebert the seal was sure all over the news 

With Shoebert's shape he couldn't hide behind shrubs

And that small pond was Shoebert's bathtub

Maybe Shoebert came there to visit a swan

Or maybe he came to run the Boston Marathon

Maybe Shoebert had been honking louder 

Because he wanted some New England clam chowder

Maybe his grunts, growls and short barks 

Were because he wanted to visit Fenway Park

Even though that seal had no identification

He decided to turn himself into the police station 

The sheriff was nice and did not arrest him

They brought him to an aquarium where he could swim

They brought Shoebert back to the ocean

He slapped his short flippers into motion

Shoebert was happy back swimming with the sharks

But Shoebert missed out visiting Fenway Park

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