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Six Pack Apps

I always wanted a 6 pack abs

Chisled and fit

But I settled for a 6 pack apps

Now I just sit

I could workout

I could do some burpees

But I just stay on my phone

As I drink a slurpee

I should get a Peloton

I should change out of my khakis

But I walk to my kitchen

Because I'm feeling snacky

Then I turn on the TV I start the P90X But I stop halfway Because I want some Tex Mex I start to go on a jog I start to get in the zone But then I get a notification And then I stare at my phone

I should get in plank

I should work my core

But look on my screen

It's the Google play store

I need to workout

I can push it to the max

But first I need to remove

My 6 pack apps

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