• Edward Riederich

Skippy the Squirrel

The other day I stepped outside

I said wow its nippy

Then I heard a voice say

Actually my name is Skippy

I scanned my backyard

I looked here and there

I looked down and saw this squirrel

He was sitting in a chair

He sat there reading a paper

He had his legs crossed

I thought this squirrels crazy

On the ground there's frost

I said nice to meet you Skippy

He peered over his glasses

He said look at our media

They've deceived the masses

I said I know what you mean

I agree with you Skippy

It's like Chinese water torture

A drip machine so drippy

His glasses arm was in his mouth

The news he didn't want to discuss

But then he pointed at the paper

And said our leaders are just nuts

I know a few things about nuts

I know an acorn from a pistachio

But I definitely didn't know more

Then this squirrel on my patio

I said I know about their agenda

And believe me it's really trippy

They don't care about the people

Or even squirrels like you Skippy

He said we store up for winter

Then they take our provision

They speak of compassion

But then they cause division

And what I have stored up

They distribute to others

Then they tax me on what's left

So they can give it to another

It makes us squirrels angry

I want to rise in defiance

They want to force us to obey

And say we can't question science

They've covered their ears

They don't listen to critiques

I shake my head in my chair

Sitting on my squirrel cheeks

Skippy said now look I gotta go

I'm meeting a chipmunk named Scottie

We workout every Thursday

And we do yoga and pilates

No problem sir at all

I'm still a little nippy

But I'm glad to meet you

And stay strong Skippy

I watched him run up a tree Before his yoga classes

I thought I sure learned a lot

From a squirrel in glasses

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