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So So Distancing

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

As I'm out on the go go I see a lot of distancing that is so so 6 feet distance, what do you mean? 6 feet distance not what I have seen

So so distance at Walmart I know So so distance in the entry of Home Depot So so distance I have sighted On those middle seats of United

From foot shakes to elbow pumps Should we just run away like Forest Gump? Running and running til we are sweaty Running down a dream like Tom Petty

One way aisles everywhere I have found I just back up with my cart and make a beeping sound Going in reverse to get some bottled water Then up and down one way aisles to find my daughter

For one way aisles who has any affection? Maybe that corny boy band One Direction? Up and down aisles again and again With my mask without end Amen

Talked to a sensei about distancing so so He said come and join me down at the dojo I went to the dojo for the lesson start He said your punches have to be 6 feet apart

But how do I defend myself in the parking lot at Walmart? He said always keep your distance by the length of a cart He said 6 foot distance makes man wiser Has he been drinking hand sanitizer?

About Chic Fil A I am not trying to be a complainer But they hand you your food in a plastic container Employees weren't 1 foot apart when they handed me my drink It didn't make sense and it got me to think

Listen Chic Fil A chicken chic! I dont have a fever. I am not sick. You touched my bag, my card, my drink and my food But now you hand it to me like I'm a contagious dude

Does so so distancing have a song and a rhyme? I guess its "Cant touch this" by Hammer Time So so distancing is all we seem to know Because social distancing is all for show

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