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Soup Du Louvre

In January 2024, two climate change activists splattered soup onto the Mona Lisa. Then they shouted slogans advocating for a sustainable food system. 

More in the news about a climate change group

At the Mona Lisa they were throwing some soup

I thought it was pretty ridiculous what I read

But how did they sneak in soup from Panera Bread?

How did they walk in with a bread bowl of broccoli and cheddar

And then throw it at the painting yelling we have to do better?

Broccoli cheddar 

No not better

Maybe the soup they hurled was a creamy tomato

Or maybe it was a tasty loaded baked potato

Tell me is climate change somewhere in the Davinci Code?

Did I miss it somehow? Is it enclosed?

Throwing soup it just doesn't move me

Maybe it would be different if they threw a smoothie

A smoothie at the Loovey?

No not groovy

If they threw a latte flavor that I would drink

I guess that would get me to really think

Or maybe if they threw some Boba tea 

I would listen to their viewpoint and agree

But throwing soup is just not my style

Look Mona Lisa herself sat there and smiled 

As they reviled 

Yes she smiled

At a Monet in Germany a couple flung mashed potatoes

At a Van Gogh in London a few tossed creamy tomato

Don't let them Van Gogh to these museums anymore

There is too much clean up required on the floor 

I have to say these people seems so rude

They stand for climate change but then waste food

Dude so rude

Yes I conclude

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