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"Suddenly" in September

She walks the paved trail

Holding her dog on a leash

Around the still lake 

The dense fog hovers

It will be a sunny day

A quiet lake stroll

Geese search for their food 

The ducks swim into the fog

The sounds of nature

Suddenly sirens 

Piercing across the still lake

Wail in the distance 

Eerie constant sound 

It can't be a tornado

Were we invaded?

Ear splitting warning

Soon life will change forever 

"Suddenly" of life 

Dogs begin to yelp

In neighborhoods nearby 

The ghosts in the fog

She heads to her house 

Swiftly following the path

A walk of mystery

She walks in the door

Quickly turns on the TV

She falls on her couch

A headline appears 

The twin towers have fallen

She clutches the phone

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